Learn languages as quickly as you read a book or watch a movie

And finally we were ready to redesign the public home pages

Today a free memoMan account is required to view your memoVideos

Your important e-mails are displayed first...

First the answers to the e-mails you sent..

Finally, any email from your address memoBook

..and of course always the view on all your received e-mails

ims.symbol.ch will be phased out. Memoman.com is the unique URL for all symbol software services

Memo-Manage- Set your Timezone for notifications- done

Memovideos- Synchronization is now perfectly reliable regardless of the length of the video

Memovideos- All browsers are now compatible

Languages - Refined animation on the spoken word

Subtitling- New visual features

for a better instant comprehension and retention of the meaning of a spoken word.

New songs and new translations of existing titles

New Symbol memoman server in Switzerland, safe and protected from GAFAs

ImS - Publish some of your cards in the form of a catalogue made of your articles and enriched with multimedia documents. Graphic design and ergonomics revisited.

ImS: Billing module revisited and completed with the "in secure area" option for the accounting attachment attached to the entry

Binders always on hand: The organization of binders always available without changing pages. When hovering over the +1 button, you can directly create a new article in an existing section,

or create a new section or workbook such as deciding to create a memo or display the list of them or of any other type of document. You can also display all the pages of the selected workbook or group them by section.

Secure space for your confidential files - simply check "In the secure area" when uploading an attachment.

Compression of multimedia files, mixing an image with a soundtrack to obtain a video. Extract the soundtrack from a video into an mp3 file. Replacing images in a video with a single still image

Upload as many files as you want! Our storage system extends to infinity

Comment on the texts, simply click/touch a word and take the red pencil, a form will open, and your comments will be publicly visible

Slow down the playback speed of the memovideo finally available. A long-awaited feature... the tone of the voice does not change at slow speed and there is plenty of time to read and understand no matter how difficult the language to learn.

Turn up or down the volume or mute the sound now adjustable from the navigation bar!

Memovideo-player Beta version 0.91 just released!

Mini progress bar under each group of synchronized words: reassuring to accurately track pronunciation and spelling. We had a cursor with a colored background that changed the optics of the word and made it difficult to read.

Video / text toggle button: Black text on a white background as on a book page for text mode.

Page 2 of Le Petit Prince (fr -de) was bad synchronized, now resynchronized

Subtitling by full sentence now possible. The Memotext partner who does not want to subtitle in bilingual or who simply wants to enter and translate more text at once, can now also do so and the text layout adapts automatically.

Video progress bar now integrated into the player and new ergoomy

You can now check words and their translations in one click among a lot of texts

New links added when clicking a word.

Search of video sequences and translator functions are now fully integrated in your free Memovideo app

Automatic announcement of titles released in the last 7 days

Memovideos views taken into account since March 10, 2019

en - fr 🔗 Alec Guichard

The Little Mermaid (English-French) La Petite Sirène

The Little Mermaid 43079 views
La Petite Sirène H.C. Andersen lu par Kathleen Chaplin

es - en 🔗 Alban Kakulya

Ulises (Spanish-English) Ulysse

Ulises 42639 views
Ulysse Alban Kakulya

fr - de 🔗 Pierredam

Le Petit Prince (French-German) Der kleine Prinz

Le Petit Prince 41882 views
Der kleine Prinz Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

en - de 🔗 Alban Kakulya

Elephants galore (English-German) Elefanten in Hülle und Fülle

Elephants galore 41339 views
Elefanten in Hülle und Fülle Sherrell Pitt-Kennedy Symbol Ed

en - fr 🔗 Alban Kakulya

Elephants galore (English-French) Des myriades d'éléphants

Elephants galore 40507 views
Des myriades d'éléphants Sherrell Pitt-Kennedy

fr - en 🔗 Pierredam

Le Petit Prince (French-English) The Little Prince

Le Petit Prince 39698 views
The Little Prince Antoine de Saint Exupéry

de - fr 🔗 Jean-Claude Grivel

Der Kampf der Tiere (German-French) Le combat des animaux

Der Kampf der Tiere 39617 views
Le combat des animaux Jean-Claude Grivel Editions à la carte

de - fr 🔗 Symbol Ed

Max und Moritz (German-French) Max et Moritz

Max und Moritz 39125 views
Max et Moritz Wilhelm Busch Symbol Ed

en - fr 🔗 Gabriel Oeuvray

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (English-French) Docteur Jekyll et Mister Hyde

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 37302 views
Docteur Jekyll et Mister Hyde Robert Louis Stevenson