Google Chrome Clicking / touching a word to hear it all and then playing the video from there and keeping the exact tempo until the end is a function that is only possible with Google Chrome Internet browser. On mobile without Wifi there may be a shift of the sync that disappears once the video is sufficiently loaded. Explanations at the bottom of this page.

Жили-были Il était une fois дед un grand-père и et баба. une grand-mère. И Et была у них ils avaient курочка la petite poule Ряба. Riaba. Снесла a pondu курочка la petite poule яичко. un petit oeuf, не простое, pas ordinaire, а mais золотое. en or. Дед le grand-père бил-бил (l') a cassé et cassé не разбил. (il) n'a pas cassé. Баба La grand-mère били-била, (l') a cassé et cassé, не разбила. (il) n'a pas cassé. Мышка Une souris бежала, a accouru, хвостиком махнула, a secoué sa queue, яичко l'oeuf упало est tombé и et разбилось. s'est cassé. Плачет Pleure дед, grand-père, плачет pleure баба. grand-mère. Курочка La petite poule кудахчет: caquette: "Не плачь, дед, "Ne pleure pas, grand-père, не плачь, баба, ne pleure pas, grand-mère, я je снесу вам vais vous pondre новое un nouvel яичко, oeuf, не золотое, pas en or, а простое." mais un ordinaire."

Compatibility of browsers with Memoman open language project

Please use the internet browser   Google Chrome !  Memovideos are responsive and accurate with Chrome, on Mac and PC as on Android Mobile or iOS.

Safari on iPhone does not necessarily read the entire word when the user clicks or touches a word. We can continue reading from the word clicked but the cursor ends up being a little late. Tested on iPhone 5 to iPhone X.

Firefox The cursor is delayed but the words are read in full at the click and we can continue reading from the clicked word, which puts the cursor back on time. Not tested on mobile

Microsoft EDGE is incompatible on Android. It does not allow you to click a word to hear it or to continue reading from the chosen location. On Desktop the automatic playback (1 press on the Play button) without interacting with the text, stays synchronized but ends up falling behind. Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows 7 still works on any level like Chrome!

Only Google Chrome is still on time as well as many other browsers based on + Chromium Open Source Project +. For a successful user experience, we recommend using Chrome.   Google Chrome