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Releases: 28.05.2018 Ver 2.0


Communications- Solution Office Cloud collaborative intégrée.

» Have all your information always available, transferable, shareable .. with or without smartphone! «

The administrative works as well as the achievements of advertising operations are handled here everyday: Writing a mail, Sending email or printing a letter, entering a photo note, managing files, filing, assigning priorities, setting deadlines, sharing recordings with colleagues, creating and publishing web pages. Create sample letters for each of the institutions or clients you write to often. Attach files to any type of recordings such as contact, memo, voice memo, video memo, email, paper letter, email newsletter.. » With a mobile, photos and videos are directly uploaded to your cloud without overloading your phone's memory. « For example, upload your scanned or photographed invoices to the corresponding supplier's file for an impeccable follow-up. Use the info for your electronic payments. Give a description to a photo, comment on a video, classify your links to favorite sites, translate a text.

Your appointments are saved in the contact card that keeps the history.

» You can do it all without changing programs or juggling multiple energy-consuming apps. «

Creation of newsletters or circulars. Link the contacts to the newsletter that corresponds to them or create one-click mailing lists with the "MY" button, then filter the list to keep for example only the contacts who have an email or a postal code, a mobile phone ...

Easily give priority, category, deadline or easily assign a newsletter to a contact then find your grouped records in the Tasks view by priority, Group by category, Agenda or Newsletters..

Print a circular or send a newsletter by email with the buttons present at the end of the page of any list. (soon send by SMS)

» By default your records are displayed in reverse chronological order, so you can go back in time by turning the pages. «

You can thus release the journal of your activities from one period according to the category, the subject, the function..

Even if you forget the name and the first name of a recently entered contact, you see it in the first records of your home page.

Creation and publication of web pages with article search function. Ranking by price, alphabetical order, best sellers, latest issues. A standard layout, we are working to offer several models.

» The best known webmail and contacts companies offer little sorting possibilities, «

your contacts are sorted in alphabetical order on the first or last name and grouped by category. The chronological classification is absent. Email, contacts, calendar, word processing, notepad .. are separate programs more or less interconnected.

To match our Integrated Management System (IMS), other programs are also needed: a server or a blog to edit and publish your web pages; to send newsletters professionally, you still need a subscription from a third party provider; to synchronize or save photos and videos an umpteenth account is still necessary. That's a lot of third-party providers, your records are decentralized, you're wasting time tracking them. Your data is decentralized and scanned for advertising purposes.

Your CRM at Symbol combines all these programs and services into one and the same online application in complete confidentiality.

Symbol Integrated Management System. Receipt of emails in your IMS programmed for Google GMail Authentication for now. Large file uploads up to 1GB. Your data is encrypted end-to-end. Attachments are only accessible when attached to an email or posted to a web page.




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